Designing a website or internet presence requires technical skill and creative talent. Very few Technical IT people can provide both, which is why the use of a good Copywriter/Art Designer is so important. Our team leader is very experienced in Print, Internet and Radio advertising and has helped 100s of clients create the image they need.

With so many websites out there, you have around 20 seconds to capture the viewers attention. Your copy will largely determine how successful your site is at attracting viewers and turning them into customers.

The best way we know, is to start your killer copy with an emotion-packed opening statement that will instantly get the attention of your reader.

Here are our four unbreakable rules of killer copy:

  • Make it relevant to the customer
  • Deliver a promise to the customer
  • Don't let it stand alone
  • Always make the product the central focus in the copy
"It is crucial that copy establishes a strong link between the message and the product so that remembering the copy also means remembering the product."

Our team of copywriters have worked in Advertising across a number of mediums including Televison, Direct mail, Print, Radio and of course the Internet.

If you don't have the time or patience to improve your existing copy through trial and error, then we can help.

To enquire about how the copy on your site can improved to increase your business, please select "contact" from the menu on the left.


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