Child of the Land. A story of humour and adventure! Follow me through the fun of growing up on a homestead in Canada’s north and building an exciting life of adventure, travel and challenge..


Reality-tv-show-pitch-ebook. Got a great idea for a Reality Show? Find out to develop your idea, protect it and submit it to 150 Hollywood Reality TV Production companies.

Start your own Import/export home business. Is it possible to start a profitable import/export business from the comfort of your own home? Ask Matt Canham, author of the ebook Get started in import/export and be your own Boss.

Acting/modeling/narration in Tokyo. The complete source of information on agencies, the industry and the jobs from an insiders point of view.

The Secret list of English Teacher Employers in Japan. Stop wasting your time - find the best jobs before they are even advertised.

Working as a Wedding Minister in Japan. Everything you need to know to get started as a Foreign Wedding Minister earning great Yen.

Learn the skills of a Tour Golf Caddy. All the information about the tours and how to caddy for all players from Amateurs at Private courses to Professionals.

The complete guide to USA Mega-Yacht jobs. Find out what it is like and how you go about working as a crew member on a multi-million dollar, luxury Yacht.

Strip Club DJ 101. How to make big money as a DJ in a Gentleman's Club.

Voiceover career: make a living as a Communicator. What you need to know in order to get started in this highly competitive field.

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The Outstanding Job Interview. A step-by-step guide to enhance your interviewing abilities.

You Don't Know SQUAT About Job Hunting. Job Hunting Strategies, Secrets and Tips From The Expert Who Spent The Last 10 Years Training Recruiters On How To Find The Best Candidates.

Airline Careers. An online resource that will give you a significant competitive advantage in your quest to become a flight attendant.


The Killer Stand-up Comedy System. Produce Mounds Of Killer Comedy Material In Minutes!

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Leisure and recreation

Flip Tips. Golf instructions for trouble shots. On-course instructions to a lower score and improved pace of play.

7 ways to fund your flying. How to save thousands of dollars on your Flight Training using tried and tested techniques for both new and old pilots.

Hit Fairways your way. Secrets That Will Immediately Allow You to Hit a Golf Ball Farther and Straighter Than Ever Before.

The Simple Golf Swing. Lengthen your Drive and Cut your Handicap by 7-12 Strokes in Just Two weeks.

Build a Ramp. Learn How To Build A Halfpipe Skateboard Ramp.

Home decorating

Learn How to Tile a Bathroom Yourself. Profit from insider tips that will help you complete a secure and reliable tiling in 6-easy steps.

Arts and Crafts

Sell your Crafts. Do you create quality handmade gifts and crafts? Are you interested in selling your crafts wholesale or retail? Over 200 Gift Stores, Mail Order Catalogs, Sales Reps and more are looking for items now!

Craft Show Success Secrets. Do you want to know how to turn your hobby into a business? Are you interested in selling your crafts at crafts shows? Or do you just want to make a little bit of ‘fun money’ for the crafts you make?

Relationships and Dating

The Naturally Magnetic Male Conditioning System. 15 step system to give you 45 skills, traits and micro-calibration skills to attract whatever you want in life.

Love Letters. A sincere love letter can be one of the most powerful tools you can employ in your relationship. They convey the mysterious, the unexpected, and the most utterly thoughtful.

The Art of Approaching. A Guidebook For Men On How To Easily Meet, Date, And Attract Women -- Even If You're Fat, Bald, Or Ugly!

Being A Player. How To Date, Attract, Seduce And Sleep With Beautiful Women.

How to Be a Pickup Artist eBook. How to be a Pick Up Artist is going to change the way you look at women and the world

Health and Beauty

How To Unlock The Natural Renewal System of Your Body With Stem Cell Nutrition.

How to restructure the skin from the cellular level.

Get Gorgeous Now. How You Can Instantly Look More Sexy And Attractive With Hollywood Secret Beauty Shortcuts And Clever Cover-Up Tricks.

1001 Beauty Tips. Discover the Secrets Top Models Use to Achieve Soft Sensuous Skin.

Cellulite no more. An Amazingly Simple Method For Getting Rid of Those Bumps and Dimples Called Cellulite -- That Always Works.

Face it - you're beautiful. An Adventure in Makeup and Beauty: feeling and looking beautiful is a wonderful, spiritual part of you and life.

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My Mad Mailer. One of the Top-Rated Safelist Submitters on the Internet!

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Audio study guides. MCSE, Windows 2003, CompTIA, CCNA, Audio MP3's and CDs, Study Guides.

How to Write a GREAT Children's Book. Learn how to turn your 'dream' into a publishing reality.

Practical Report writing system. At last! A surefire system that will HALVE the time you currently spend writing reports - 100% guaranteed.

Learn to Trade Commodities. The Commodity Trading E-book starts out with an Introduction to Futures for Beginning Traders. It also includes how to place a trade, margin requirements, contract sizes, and much more information for newer traders.

Get PAID to write short stories. Think Outside the Square: Writing Publishable (Short) Stories.

Instant Home Writing Kit. You Can Beat the Writing Blues and SAVE Lots of Time, Money, and Hassles With This POWERFUL Writing Kit...

eTeach Resources. Discover the Simple Teaching Strategies You Can Use (Right Now) To Eliminate Classroom Management Problems Forever!

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Resignation Letter toolkit. Offering information, tips, pointers and downloadable templates for writing all types of resignation letters, plus before and after resignation letter templates and resources.

Welding Secrets Revealed. Who Else Wants That Killer Weld From Welding Secrets Revealed?


Consulting Solution. For consulting tools, consulting business startup information and proposal development.

Wholesale Ad Secrets. Place Ads In Over 5,000 Popular Papers for LESS THAN 99¢ to rarely more than $3.99 each...

Starting a Bed and Breakfast. Start your own Bed and Breakfast kit.

Restaurant Promo. Powerful Strategies to Increase Cash Flow and your Restaurant's profits.

Free Electronics, Computers and More. How to receive electronics, computers, and lots of other items for FREE!

Printer Cartridge Wholesale Guide. Discover how YOU can buy up to eight cartridges from our wholesalers for the same price you currently pay for one!

Close that sale. Sales Closing Techniques for Today's Tough Markets.

Business Credit Secrets Revealed. What do Bill Gates, Donald Trump and other massively successful business people have in common? Business Credit!

Profit by Phone. Tips and strategies for profitable phone selling.

Sales Lead Generation. Health Insurance, Real Estate, Life Insurance, Mortgage Leads and MLM Leads.

Sell your Business the easy way. Learn the winning formula to selling a business that has earned business owners thousands and thousands of extra dollars.

Buy with no credit. Creative Real Estate investing without credit checks.

Get paid to shop. Shopping Jobs locates people who want to find work in the "Mystery Shopping" field.

Work online. Get paid to work online and have fun too!

Internet business

Top search ranking secrets in Google. Learn how to propel your site to the top of Google rankings.

Gary Shawkey's Secrets. Become an expert affiliate marketer overnight (100% resale rights).

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Internet Marketing Predictions. Get Your Hands on 378 Internet Marketing Predictions for 2005-2006.

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CBPlugin. Who Else Wants To Explode Their ClickBank Affiliate Checks, Starting In Just 6 Minutes?

Web Source. Web Site Design, Development and Promotion Guide.

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Paid Surveys online. This is a perfect opportunity for stay at home moms, students, or someone that just doesn't have time for a commute to a dead end, part time job. OR, for anyone who wants to sit in their pajamas and work at home!!

Survey Scout. Whether you're retired, a stay-at-home mom, student or anyone else looking to make extra cash, SurveyScout makes it easy to grab your share of the millions being paid for peoples' opinions...

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Shopping Jobs. Do You Love Shopping? Do You Love To Eat Out? Want To Make Your Own Hours?

Clickbank Affiliate and Storefront Search Engine. A Very Efficient Sales Monster That Automatically Shoves Ongoing Cash Into Your Pockets In 15 Proven Ways, No Matter What You Offer — Even If You Don't Own A Website Yet!

Home Job Stop. Telecommuting resource for work at home jobs.

Product sourcing

Wholesale Handbags at Below Wholesale Prices. Start Selling One of the Internet's Most Sought After Fashion Accessory.

Wholesale Sources Directory. Get low wholesale prices directly from Wholesalers, Distributors, Vendors, and Liquidators.

Secrets of storage unit auctions. Find out to make thousands of dollars selling items from storage unit auctions and more.

Wholesale Trade Directory. Wholesale directory of manufactuers and suppliers and distributors of consumer goods for re-sellers flea marketers internet auctions entrepreneurs.