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From: Matt Canham
Company: Esl-Jobs-Japan

Dear Japan Job Seeker,

Listen up carefully…

Before we go any further, I must let you in on a *secret*:

* There are numerous websites listing job opportunities out there, but whatever you do, don't be drawn into replying to help wanted ads because it just doesn't work!

Two things generally happen if you do:

1 - your CV or resume makes it way to the bottom of an 'unread' pile or…

2 - competition is so high that your skills may not be able to match the skills of other job seekers. Both of these paths lead to the same ending...no job offer!

My personal experiences in seeking English teaching jobs in Japan have shown to me that in many cases, being in the right place at the right time, can be very rewarding.

The laws of physics prevent you from being in more than one place at any one time...however this is not the case for your CV or resume.

My success at landing teaching positions that paid in excess of 640,000 Yen a month was the result of mass email/fax/telephone/letter blitzes.

Here's What One Customer of Mine Thinks...

hi again! Thanx for your mail.

I changed my resume and sent it out to some schools around the area. So far 3 calls back. Awesome. Thanks to you for your help.

Thank you again and take care!...

Simon, Nagoya.

I repeated my blitzes at least 3 to 5 times a month, making sure my CV was on top of the pile and I was always in the mind of a prospective employer. In the end I found that ALL my offers actually came from non-advertised positions. It made me realize a fundamental truth - advertised positions were just the tip of the iceberg when it came to available positons.

Most people limit themselves by only checking the main sources of jobs like the Japan Times and the Daily Yomiuri. Although these publications are an excellent source, they are also seen by literally thousands of other English teaching job seekers. This results in an absolute deluge of CVs and resumes being sent in for the limited numbered advertised positions.

I've also seen the trend of English schools only offering the bare minimum 250,000 yen per month. Because of the sheer volume of resumes they receive,

They can always find people who are inexperienced and who will work for the money.

If you are currently in a position only paying the minimum, I know exactly how you feel because I've been there myself. I can tell you however, that the dream jobs do exist, all it takes is a bit of study and preparation about the types of classes you want to teach and a different approach in how you apply.

You might be in Japan to save some money for a house or other worthwile purpose, so it makes sense to maximise your earning potential from the beginning. I only wish I had this knowledge when I was new to Japan, instead of making mistakes while teaching and missing out on the best opportunities.

Like any business, the English schools operate to make a profit for the owner and as the Teacher, it all rests on you. A person who can entertain the students during the lesson and keep them coming back will very soon become an instrumental part of the school.

One part of the process is the way you apply, the other is way you teach.

I learnt the importance of this aspect from another teacher. At one of the schools I worked, there was a Canadian guy named Brian. He was always smiling and would always go to the trouble of making some sort of game for his classes. The students loved him and always requested his lessons. The staff loved him because the students were so happy and the Managers basically let him choose his own schedule. The only bad part was that the school was a big 4, so there was no additional money for the great job he was doing.

I vowed to follow his lead and adopt the same methods, but with schools offering far more flexibility and money for doing so.

I am offering you 20 chapters of information and a list of over 1000 and growing English Teaching Employers, all of which are, or will have advertised for English teaching positions.

This list will provide you with your first targets for your own personal blitz.

It will ensure you are ahead of the pack and on top of the pile.

The following is an example of the format of the list:

Company Name: ALEEC Education Inc.
Company Contact: Hamilton Markson
Telephone: 05 3417 79635
Fax: 05 3147 76368
Email: kh@altokyo.dion.ne.jp
URL: www.aleec.com
Location: Bldg 3, 2-19-20 Shiomam, Tokyo, 1222-00
Possible positons: 3,700 - 5,000 yen/hr Business classes.
Other notes: None

(This is an example listing only - not an actual listing. Not all fields are completed when information has not been provided)

This list is very comprehensive and covers the most popular locations in Japan, with the main focus being Tokyo. I also go into great detail about the types of teaching available and how you can do the best job to make the students happy and keep them coming back for lessons. The amount of money you can earn is directly proportional to the types of classes you teach and how well the students respond to you.

Save yourself the time and hassle of making the same mistakes I did.

You'll never be left to settle for a low paying job when you know:

  • The Secret English School listings, so you can apply for jobs in most cases with little or NO competition.
  • What visa you need and how you go about getting one. You will avoid all the mistakes and worries that immigration can bring.
  • How much money you can make and exactly what you need to do in order to earn more Yen.
  • What to say when you apply to guarantee your best chances of success.
  • How you should apply to set the tone as being a professional teacher they would be crazy not to hire.
  • What type of lessons you should teach to make the most money and maximise the demand for your services.
  • What to include on your resume to indicato the the hiring manager you are the answer to his problem.
  • The one question and statement you MUST say in the interview, so you can walk out KNOWING you have left no doubt in their mind about wanting the job.
  • How to make the students happy, so they keep coming back again and again.
  • The teaching industry here and how you do the best job possible.

AND you will find all this plus more!

The ebook normally sells for the risk free price of $49.95, but if you order The Secret List of English Teacher Employers in Japan ebook today, it's yours risk free for an incredibly low $19.97. That's 60% off the regular price and is still far less than a night on the town in Tokyo.

Here Comes The Most Exciting Part!

Bonus #1 - Free Personal E-mail Consultations
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I will answer any questions you may have and personally tweak your resume for you. This sort of personal service is completely unheard of, and I won't be able to offer it forever.

Bonus #2 - My special report on Housing. (Value $27)

Find out how to get the best accomodation deals going around.

Bonus #3 - My special report on cheap flights, how it all works and where to find them. (Value $129)

If you ever need to take a flight anywhere, this information will save you lots of money.

Bonus #4 - 101 of the best links about ESL and getting ready for the classroom. (Value $49)

Use these links to lesson plans, games and successful teaching strategies to enhance your teaching performance and paycheck, so you'll never have to worry about either again.

Bonus #5 - My special report on unlocking the power of Google. (Value $49)

You will be amazed at what you can find searching with Google if you know how. Use these tips to find exactly what you want, when you want it.

I guarantee you will find this list as useful as I found my original list and be able to find yourself a new teaching position. A position that may not even be advertised!!!

Take advantage of my 6 year education

Dear Matt,

Mission accomplished! After I made the changes to my resume you suggested, I did my first email 'blitz.' So far 5 calls from schools and they are all very eagar to meet me! Thanx so much!

Hugs - Cheryl (^_^)

I know my approach brings results, and that if you follow the advice outlined in the ebook, you will see for yourself.

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I look forward to hearing from you. Tell me all about your new English Teaching job.

Good Luck!


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