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"Attention! All the information you've been looking for about mega-yacht jobs has arrived...

"Here’s How You Can Quickly
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From: Matt Canham
Company: Mega-yacht-jobs

Dear Mega-Yacht job seeker,

As I'm sure you're already aware, the Mega-Yacht industry is the ultimate and final way to be highly paid, surrounded by luxury and have the opportunity to travel to some of the most beautuiful places on earth.

But before you get carried away...

It is a lot of hard work, very long hours and you live in cramped crew quarters. Having said that though, there are some great benefits including free food, beer, travel and an excellent opportunity to save money and see the world while you're doing it.

Whether it be for a house, a car, or anything else you can imagine, the ease with which you can save money is very hard to beat. Not to mention riding the jetskis...

Ok, sounds great.

If I was a person interested in the Mega-Yacht industry in the USA and was reading this page, I would expect the ebook to contain information about...

  • What visa I need and how do I go about getting one?
  • How much money can I make?
  • Where are the crew agencies?
  • How to deal with the crew agencies?
  • The industry, the types of jobs and how I can avoid making mistakes.
  • What I need to do before I arrive?
  • How I go about finding my own work?
  • What is it REALLY like?

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So why an ebook?

For all intents and purposes, I have written a book. I chose not to publish a conventional, physical book for a number of reasons. The biggest one is that the information contained within it is subject to change, and once it is in hard copy, updates are impossible. My goal is to provide the most complete and accurate information possible and this is the best format to achive that.

So what does this book of mine contain?

I spent 7 months of my time and around $3,000 of my own money to research this information. The guide contains everything I know about the hiring process and the actual work. Everything you could possibly think of is all covered.

Everything I learned, all the mistakes I made enabled me to determine what does and doesn't work. You will have the advantage of knowing about how it all works, before you leave what it is you are currently doing.

Can you imagine being able to make a decision without having any of the same risk or uncertainty I did? This is what I offer to you.

Great, but who is this ebook written for?

The majority of people working in the Mega-Yacht industry are from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Ireland, England and other European countries. There are very few Americans employed on the Yachts and the clean cut, well mannered image is preferred.

So what's your story?

I spent 4 years in the Australian Navy as a Navigation Officer. I have steamed about 20,000 nm around Australia, conducted numerous fire fighting exercises, survival at sea, etc, etc. Over in the US though, all this experience counted for nought, because working on a Mega-Yacht is all about service! It is a totally different industry and one that isn't necessarily better or worse, it is just different. Having an understanding of how and why it is different is an unfair advantage, and one that most people never have. Get the advantage and the inside knowledge about the whole story.

And it all starts with the Visa...

The number of people I met over there with either the wrong or no visa was amazing. I have outlined in minute detail everything you need to know from your visa application, right through to what to say at the airport. US Immigration advice is not only difficult to obtain, but also costly. The tips I provide come direct from a US foreign affairs veteran.

It would be foolish for me to sit here and say that anyone can break in within 2 weeks and immediately start earning thousands per month.

There are always exceptions to the rule, but for the rest of us, it takes a well rounded approach with every aspect of it covered.

I can say unequivocally however, that if you have the right approach and are persistant, then I believe you also can get a good starting job in the industry.

After you have a proven track record and become an insider, then the really great jobs will start to appear.

Get smart - become an insider!

The ebook contains the following information:

  • All the forms, procedures and advice for dealing with US Immigration.
  • The truth about crew agencies and the major Yachting places.
  • 12 Chapters about the industry and enhancing your chances.
  • And much, much, more...

And you'll save as least 10 times the purchase price if not more by following the advice contained within it, not to mention what you will earn day working and finally in a permanent position.

I will tell you about the work you have to do when there are owners/guests on the boat and just how different it is when you are in refit.

If you are thinking about doing this, then you need to know exactly what you are getting yourself into. You can spend a lot of money and time and try and do it all yourself, or you can be smart and start with a great understanding. Maybe you read the whole thing and decide it isn't for you. No damage done. It just isn't worth it to spend your precious time and resources only to find it wasn't what you thought it would be. Join me and discover the real truth about the industry!

Unconditional 90 Day Money back guarantee

See for yourself the information content and the inside tips that make this the best publication of its type. If you follow the advice contained within it and don't get at least an interview, I'll refund the purchase price, no questions asked.

Please, give me an opportunity to show you how the information in the ebook can change your life and get you the start in the Mega-Yacht industry you are looking for.

And remember, when you make a purchase, your user name/password to login and read the ebook will be set up as soon as your payment is confirmed, so you can get started within minutes!

I look forward to hearing from you. Tell me all about your Mega-Yacht jobs. And what you plan to do with all the money you'll be making.

P.S Still not convinced? Still think you know all there is about the Mega-Yacht industry? Well, if you are like I was, you probably haven't heard much at all because it is surrounded by a curtain of secrecy.

Picture this. If you were making US$2-3,000 a month tax free, working in the US and Caribbean, meeting the very rich and being paid to do it, would you want more competition? Or would you just be too busy making money, working hard and having fun?

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Receive ...

  • A user name/password to login and read the ebook.
  • Free e-mail support.
  • The money back guarantee.
  • And the bonus chapter about finding yourself cheap flights.

All for just $19.95. And remember, if this isn't the best source of information about Mega-Yacht jobs, you can contact me at any time within 90 days after purchase, and I'll refund the purchase price. No questions asked.

Is $19.95 a lot of money to invest in getting the right information? Hey, give it a try. Follow my lead and you too can become a player in the industry. For an entry level position, you can make, at the very least, $1500 a month. Not a bad return for such a small investment.

Click here now to learn how to land an awesome
job as a crew member on a mega-yacht.

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