Script writing and Editing

The script writing process can be broken down into 3 simple steps:

  • Formulate your ideas and develop a working script
  • Have your work assessed for plot, dialogue, character development, overall style and commercial potential
  • Take the critique of your screenplay and begin the re-writing process

Recent Clients (Editing)
Dangerous Days
A Night in the Hills
The Legend of Johnny Kakota

Our team of editors will pore over every detail and give you accurate and constructive feedback about what areas your script needs further development in before it is ready to be submitted. When it is ready, we recommend adding your script to sites such as Kevin Spacey's, or If it is good enough, you will be noticed, its as simple as that.

In terms of developing your skills as a writer, you can attend script writing seminars if you like, however reading scripts, writing scripts and watching the narrated version of films on DVD will be far more beneficial to you.

Most professionals think there is a tendency for a first time writer to complete a script, then automatically assume someone will be interested in purchasing it. While there are the exceptions to the rule, this is not realistic, especially with the quality of most scripts written.

Some successful script writers believe if you want to be a script writer, then you should write scripts, but it make take up to 15 before you become any good at it and actually have something that may be commercially viable.

The scriptwriting services also extend to adapting a novel to a screenplay or converting your ideas into a script.

We have already converted a number of scripts from both Word documents and paper to Final Draft format and also offer this service.

Scriptwriting is not an easy business to crack into, but if you have enough desire and are persistant, then you can achieve anything.